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Two-Factor Authentication support for Mea Service Portal

MeaWallet has implemented Two-Factor Authentication for Mea Service Portal, which is fantastic news for both remote users of the portal and the person in your organization responsible for data security. In case you were wondering, here’s why this is important.While the pandemic of the early 2020s threw many spanners into tons of works, it also pathed the way for remote working. The flexibility and convenience coming with working from home are a boon for most people and a bane for those responsible for the organization’s IT security.

The devices and networks at your office can be secured by the IT manager. If you’re working from home or, say, a café with an open network, using your personal laptop, it’s safe to assume that the security protocols can become laxer. Those weak points can turn into attack vectors for security breaches, which can have catastrophic consequences for the organization – especially for banks, where data integrity is critical to the customer’s trust and livelihood.

Here is where 2FA comes into the picture. 2FA requires the user to validate their identity as an additional step when logging in.

Implementations come in a wide variety, from one-time codes sent via email to dedicated apps on mobile devices. MeaWallet chose a solution where the organization can freely pick from different providers (Google, Microsoft, etc.). Because these might already be familiar, in use, and don’t require additional devices or solutions, users will have a much easier time adopting this new security measure.

2FA enablement will be required to access Mea Service Portal the next time you log in.