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MeaWallet Launches Mea Card Gateway: A Secure and Flexible Platform for Handling Payment Card Data

20 March - MeaWallet, a leading digital payments enabler specialising in card tokenization, today announces the launch of its global Mea Card Gateway. A platform that has been developed to ensure the secure transmission of sensitive payment card data, serving as a vital link between MeaWallet customers, payment processors and service providers. 

Aimed at issuers, fintechs, online merchants, financial institutions, payment service providers, and any organisation that needs to process or handle payment card data without directly having access to the data, the gateway addresses the pressing challenge of securely managing payment card data without customers themselves needing to achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance. By providing a seamless and secure bridge, it simplifies the integration of payment processing across diverse platforms, reducing complexity and costs for businesses. 

Going further than PCI compliance, Mea Card Gateway offers a plethora of additional unique functionalities. From integrating with existing push provisioning and card data solutions to handling diverse tokenization flows and offering extensive data management capabilities.  

With connections to over 150 issuers, fintechs, and 12 processors globally, alongside integration capabilities with major payment schemes, Mea Card Gateway empowers organisations of all sizes, providing value-added services that have been previously hindered by PCI DSS compliance constraints. 

Partners stand to benefit from the Mea Card Gateway, enjoying reduced liability, decreased PCI compliance costs, seamless integration, and the opportunity to enhance service offerings for their customers. End users will have enhanced security, participation in rewards programmes, and the assurance of card data processed through a secure and compliant gateway. 

Thomas Normann, CPO & Head of Express Issuance at MeaWallet commented: "We're delighted to introduce the Mea Card Gateway. It not only democratises access to payment card data but also levels the playing field for businesses of all sizes. By easing the burden of PCI DSS compliance, it unlocks doors for growth and innovation, empowering businesses to expand globally while mitigating security risks. For those seeking reduced costs, simplified compliance, and enhanced scalability, the Mea Card Gateway offers reliability and efficiency in digital payments." 



  1. What is the Mea Card Gateway?

The Mea Card Gateway is a platform designed to securely transmit sensitive payment card data. It acts as an intermediary between issuers, fintechs, merchants and other organizations, allowing them to process card data without directly storing it.

  1. Who can benefit from the Mea Card Gateway?

This gateway is aimed at issuers, fintechs, online merchants, financial institutions, payment service providers and any organization that handles card data but doesn't want to deal with direct storage and PCI compliance.

  1. How does the Mea Card Gateway address PCI compliance?

By offloading card data storage to MeaWallet, organizations avoid the responsibility of PCI compliance themselves. This simplifies the process and reduces associated costs.

  1. What are some functionalities beyond PCI compliance?

The Mea Card Gateway offers additional features like integration with existing push provisioning solutions, diverse tokenization flows and extensive data management capabilities.

  1. How extensive is the Mea Card Gateway network?

It connects with over 150 issuers, fintechs, 12 processors globally and integrates with major payment schemes, providing broad reach for various organizations.

  1. What are the benefits for partners using the Mea Card Gateway?

Partners gain reduced liability, lower PCI compliance costs, seamless integration with various platforms, and the ability to offer enhanced services due to simplified card data handling.

  1. What are the benefits for end users?

End users enjoy enhanced security of their card data, the ability to participate in rewards programs, and the assurance of compliant data processing.

  1. What does "democratizes access to payment card data" mean?

By simplifying PCI compliance, the Mea Card Gateway makes secure card data processing accessible to even smaller businesses, leveling the playing field in the payments industry.

  1. How does the Mea Card Gateway promote global expansion?

By handling the complexities of card data and compliance, the gateway allows businesses to focus on global growth without security concerns or regional compliance hurdles.

  1. What are the key takeaways about the Mea Card Gateway?

The Mea Card Gateway is a secure and compliant platform that simplifies card data processing, reduces costs, and empowers businesses of all sizes to grow and innovate in the global payments landscape.