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Empower customers, enhance your UX, and make life easier for customer service

Today's consumers expect to easily control all aspects of their daily lives in real-time, 24/7, safely and comfortably from their smart devices. Mea Token Control helps you meet customer expectations, reduce your operational costs by mitigating risks of fraud, and reduce your customer support workload. 

Great for cardholders

As cardholders are getting used to doing more with their devices, they expect increased functionality of their mobile apps, such as enhanced controls that let them customise security measures, manage their spending, and set up automatic payments and transfers. 

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Easily enable essential alerts, modify spend limits, and delete digital cards for payments

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Real-time control, 24/7 access, and visibility of all your physical and digital cards

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Peace of mind

Protect yourself against fraud by specifying spend limits (time, region, etc.)


  • Decline all
  • ATM withdrawal
  • Spend control on the merchant level 
  • Set spend limits 
  • E-commerce purchases 
  • Contactless payments 
  • Cross-border transactions 
  • In-store purchases 
  • Manage recurring payments 

Great for issuers

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Customer satisfaction

Exceed customer expectations and let them do more with your cards and app

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Security savings

Increased security leads to fewer fraud incidents and lower cost from cashbacks

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Outsource token management

Lighten the load of token management on your customer support

Why Mea Token Control

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Control physical cards and  associated tokens together or  independently 

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One solution is designed to support your entire portfolio and multiple card brands 

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Easily integrates to your existing infrastructure

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Single connection expands to include new controls 

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Supports transactions for all major schemes

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Functions across multiple payment processing systems