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Adding cards to wallets made easy 

Mea Push Provisioning allows consumers
to add their cards to any supported wallets including Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay with the click of a button. 

Add cards to wallets in 3 simple steps

3 steps_push_provisioning

3x more cards provisioned to wallets 

Convenient one-click onboarding for customers means fewer drop-offs compared to a manual onboarding. 


Immediately provide access to mobile wallets to customers and easily replace their card token if a they lose their physical wallet. 

and secure

Share secure tokens instead of sensitive card data in a PCI-DSS-certified way.

Save development and maintenance costs 

Get started faster with our ready-built SDK and backend services and save maintenance costs as we are updating it to the latest standards for you. 

Implement once – connect to all wallets and payment schemes 

Use the same SDK to add cards to any Pays, merchants, and digital wallets and scale your solution to include new wallets and merchants when you need it.