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Unveiling a New Identity: MeaWallet's Journey Through Rebranding

It has been quite the wild ride for us at MeaWallet, going from a starry-eyed tokenisation start-up to a seasoned veteran in digital payments. More than ten years is a relatively long time in this industry. Time, which we used to build new solutions and improve and fine-tune existing ones.It was high time that we applied the same love and care to our appearance. MeaWallet is a teenager now, what do you expect?

So, let’s look at some of the changes we made and why.

The website

The original website was built in WordPress by one of our founders. And, for quite some time, it did a good job of explaining what we do, who we are, what tokenisation is and the world of opportunities it presents to enterprising companies.

As time went on, we needed to update with additional features, install our 12th plugin, and integrate yet more third-party services. At some point, dependencies became a problem, not just for us to manage, but also led to a decline in user experience, where forms displayed scrambled and people didn't receive the fact sheets they attempted to download.

With a unified backend, everything should be more streamlined, stable and easier to interact with.

The messaging

Have you ever met someone who would keep regaling you with their singular obsession, ignoring the fact you might not share the same level of enthusiasm or knowledge for the subject?

Look, everyone is passionate about something, and we’re no exception to the rule. We like to talk about tokenisation and digital payments, their applications and minutiae. What we haven’t talked about enough is why it should interest you.

For that reason, we had to take a step back, look at use cases, and go from explaining what our product is, to what they can help a customer to do or become.

Mind you, while we’ll go easy on frontloading the answers, we’re still more than happy and knowledgeable to address your technical questions. A tiger doesn’t change its stripes if it doesn’t want to be just another big cat.

The brand visuals

With an increased digitalisation of the consumer and a growing demand for mobile payment technology from businesses, MeaWallet has become a truly global brand. We are strongly positioned to enjoy a long period of strong growth. So now, more than ever, it’s important for us to establish and reinforce the MeaWallet brand identity.

Our old logo told the story of a company that connects services, represented by the interlinked orange and blue arcs, to facilitate mobile payments, represented by the space in the centre.


While clever, we needed something simpler, more memorable, timeless, and versatile.

The new MeaWallet icon forms shaped lines into the letter M and the shape of a W upside down. It’s a strong, easily identifiable visual that still embodies the original brand.


Colours play a crucial role. We kept the calm and responsible blue and the playful and energetic orange but upgraded them with more striking tones, delivering a more modern and dynamic look and feel.

Having only two primary colours is quite limiting in terms of design, so we added to the palette green and purple tones, which represent growth and creativity and, coincidentally, money and wealth.